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Health and Safety Policy

As a staff, we want everyone to feel as safe yet comfortable as possible while attending MSF.  We currently ask for all attendees to provide negative tests within 24 hours of arriving to the event to receive admittance. We also strongly encourage mask wearing at the volition of each attendee but are not mandatory at this time. We are working closely with local officials in the county as well as hotel staff in keeping up to date with all guidance provided by local and national health officials. All attendees are responsible for bringing their own testing kit/results as printed pages will not be accepted at this juncture. 

If you are feeling and cold or flulike symptoms, we suggest you play it safe and stay home from MSF until next year and deeply encourage those getting over any coughs and colds to mask up when possible.

Shaming others for wearing masks or for their vaccination statuses are grounds for immediate removal of the event without refund.

Be advised these policies are subject to change and we encourage all to stay abreast through visiting this website and visiting our Facebook page for new updates closer to the event.

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Pet Policy

Pets are permitted both at the hotel and at Monterey Swing Fest. Please ensure all fur babies are up to date in all their vaccines and if there are any behavioral issues, to be upfront with their level of socializations with both attendees and other animals. 

We will have a small group of fellow dog walkers throughout the event including a doggie beach day on Saturday! Please see registration desk for more up to date info.

Dogs must be on leash in the ballroom. 

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